Zavix Tower


Included in the Batholith Bundle

About Zavix Tower

Zavix Tower is a challenging fantasy roguelike turn-based CRPG set in a never ending tower! Recruit, level, gear up, and develop a group powerful adventurers as you climb the tower.
  • 7 Playable Hero Classes (So Far)
  • More than 100 Skills
  • More than 30 Unique Mobs.
  • 10 Unique Bosses
  • Large Talent Trees For Each Class
  • Tons Of Gear (limitless)
  • Endless Tower
Zavix Tower Reviews
Old-school dungeon crawling with Hearthstone graphics. Fun game with lots of replayability.
Great simplistic dungeon crawler!

The strategy is straightforward, the story is fairly minimal which is a plus for me, and from what i've experienced thus far, boss fights are tough but not impossible! Well-designed and level scaling is smooth. Only thing I wish I could see more of was a variety of monsters, but otherwise I recommend trying this game if you like the old-school RPG-type games.
Just wanna kill monsters? Don't want a long, boring story to interfere with your murder spree? This is your game!

Procedural levels, turn based everything and a carpload of loot, that's my idea of a great dungeon crawler!